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By overlaying the results of live data analysis against floorplans, site, and region-wide maps, security/surveillance teams can see, hover, click, and drill down into data to rapidly investigate and manage incidents. Dataveillance turns a series of seemingly unrelated data into actionable intelligence. Data gathered from these sites and apps have fundamentally altered the way police proactively patrol and investigate crime. But are we doing it right? Founded in 2012, Dataveillance is a social media and open source intelligence research company that provides training to law enforcement and those working in direct support of law enforcement, by ... 5846 S. Flamingo Road Ste. 3090 Cooper City, FL. Phone: 954-249-5999 Dataveillance is the systematic use of personal data systems in the investigation or monitoring of the actions or communications of one or more persons. I coined the term in 1986, as a contraction of 'data surveillance', and published an analysis of the concept in Clarke (1988). With a lack of available government data, Mapping Police Violence is one of a few efforts to track information on police violence and use of force. The researchers behind the project compile ... Dataveillance definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! Data from another database, called Mapping Police Violence, suggest that killings of unarmed people from 2013 to 2015 were only ruled as justified in about 50 percent of cases with complete data, versus 95 percent in cases with an armed victim (and about 83 percent in cases where the victim was officially but dubiously identified as armed, such ... Dataveillance is the systematic creation and/or use of personal data for the investigation or monitoring of the actions or communications of one or more persons. It emerged in the 1980s, initially as a set of tools for exploiting data that had already been collected for some other purpose. Developments in information technologies, combined with ... “Violence” might seem like a dramatic way to talk about these accidents of engineering and the processes of gathering data and using algorithms to interpret it. The violence against women indicator presents you with data on: Attitudes toward violence: The percentage of women who agree that a husband/partner is justified in beating his wife/partner under certain circumstances Prevalence of violence in the lifetime: The percentage of women who have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some time in their life Laws on ...

FFXIV Pin Request!

2016.07.22 22:03 Zephsace FFXIV Pin Request!

7/26 00:00 EDT The form is closed! Thank you so much to everyone who has requested buttons. Come the morning, I'll post the data of who requested what and the total number of everything, including a surprise since all of you are so wonderful! Remember, if you missed out on requesting buttons, the Etsy shop will have them soon AND I will still be doing giveaways in the future!
22:59 EDT We're down to our last hour before the form closes! Don't miss out!
19:44 EDT You have a little more than 4 hours to get your requests in! Remember, the form will close at 23:59 EDT TONIGHT (20:59 PDT, 03:59 GMT, 12:59 JST).
17:53 EDT 1000 requests. My room is going to be chaos soon and I'm excited as all Hell about it.
13:29 EDT Okay everyone, barely any requests have come in today and the number of requests is starting to hit a point where I'm going to have to close requests for this. I will keep it open until 23:59 EDT TONIGHT (20:59 PDT, 03:59 GMT, 12:59 JST). I want to make sure all of these buttons get out in a reasonable time and to do so, the form will be closed tonight. If you miss out, I apologize, I will be giving out more this coming holiday season but for now, this one will be closed. THE TIME TABLE HAS BEEN UPDATED
For those wondering, if your request goes through, then it means I have it. The form will be active until 23:59 EDT TONIGHT, 7/25.
Notices: If you know these people in game or in real life, please have them contact me ASAP. I can't ship anything without a full address.
  • Looking for Ragnor Strawberry of Adamantoise. Your address isn't completely filled out! PM me so I can fix it!
  • Looking for Kochiya Sanae of Gilgamesh. Just confirming your state by your zipcode given.
  • Looking for Cloudus Loudus, Your address isn't completely filled out! PM me so I can fix it!
  • Looking for Celene Starbright of Mateus. PM me, I just saw your comment on your request!
  • Looking for Koh Vilence of Cactaur. Your address isn't complete! PM me so I can fix it!
ETSY STORE: Here it is, though there's nothing up for sale just yet. Things will go up AFTER all of these requests have been filled.
Hey everyone! I'm back to announce that I'm going to be ordering more pins soon and want to give EVERYONE the chance to get a few pins. This is how it works:
  1. Until 23:59 EDT TONIGHT, 7/25, this Google Form will be available to be filled out by anyone who wants pins. You're allowed up to 6 (3 jobs, 2 crafting, 1 gatherer).
  2. On July 26, I will sit down, sort out all the requests, and by the 29th, order all the buttons (including some extra because ordering in even numbers saves me green).
  3. It usually takes less than a week for the orders to be processed and then delivered to me.
  4. (Hopefully) The week of August 8th, I will have gotten the buttons and started shipping them out and will continue to ship them out until every last request is filled.
What is required of you? Just the information that is in that Google Form, nothing else. I'm not asking for money at all; this is out of my own pocket and my own attempt to make this community just that much better, one little 1" button at a time.
A few rules though:
  1. I will not honor any requests made in this thread. It has to be done through the Google Form above. Sorry, this is for my own sanity. If you are truthfully unable to fill out the form, PM me here on Reddit and we will sort things out.
  2. Please don't try to game the system. I'm a research analyst by day; scrubbing survey data is my job. If you're looking for more than what is allowed by the form, please leave a comment at the end of it, saying that you would like to be put on a waiting list for any extras or any addition waves of buttons I do in the future. I plan on doing more of these so don't worry.
  3. Do understand that you will be sharing your shipping information with me but it will go no further than myself and that once all requests are fulfilled, the information will be deleted and never used again.
If there are any questions, please feel free to ask away here, or send me a PM.
Anyway, as things progress, I'll be updating this thread, especially with the raw numbers of what jobs, crafting, and gathering everyone is requesting. I hope everyone who has missed out can get a few buttons they want and finally join in on the pin fun! Enjoy!
Yes, I am shipping internationally! I've sent a good number already overseas and they've arrived safely so don't hesitate to request pins!
If you live with your GF/BF/SO/hamster and they wish to have pins as well, have them fill out the form too, just note at the end that they share an address!
A ton of you have requested a link or some sort of way to donate. No one is obligated to do anything for me, I am not asking in any way, shape, or form for anything but I will provide a way to do so. Donations will go only to the buttons, whether it be to buy more, ship them, or help get the design process of new ones done. A preemptive thanks to anyone who does.
  1. Is this real? Yes, it is.
  2. Is this free? Double yes!
  3. How long will it take for me to get my pins? Once I close the form, which will absolutely close on August 15, but most likely sooner, I will order the buttons. It takes about a week to get to me. Once I get them, I'll be mailing them out as soon as possible. I will be updating this post when I do.
  4. Is there a way to donate? Once again, I am not requesting any money but if you want to give, follow this link to do so! A preemptive thanks!
  5. Is there an Etsy store? There will be, I'm working on it today and hope to have it finished by tonight. There is now, though nothing is up for sale just yet!
  6. Fanfest? Yes, I'll be at FanFast with buttons as well, so if you want to chat, I'll let everyone know how to find me.
  7. RDM for life! I miss my feathery hat too, Ryoka.
Progress so far: Looking at the suggestions for buttons in the future, I'm happy to see so many ideas and some I had thought of as well. It definitely seems the mentor and sprout icons are loved. Some of the other suggestions are great and I will absolutely do the best I can to make them available some way, shape, or form.
Some of you have requested job stones, both in buttons and just as stones as well. I am actually delving into the world of modeling and molding and do wish to get most, if not all, job stones done by the end of the year. That's a whole different can of worms for me and best saved for another thread.
7/22 20:33pm EDT: We've hit 100 responses! I love looking at the suggestions you guys and gals have. Some of them, I'm just like, "Damn, I wish I had thought of that!" or "Ooooh, that would make an awesome button!" Please, keep them coming!
7/23 00:35 EDT: 250 you crazy people! I'm almost thinking a month is too long to make you wait! We'll see how it continues to progress and if I see a sharp drop off at some point, I may, but that won't be for some time. I'll keep everyone updated!
02:23 EDT: And 300! I think it's time for bed! Thanks so much to everyone who has requested buttons so far! I can't wait to see how high we get!
09:38 EDT I am up and answering messages! Overnight, another 120+ requests came in and a small chunk of donations as well. I'm not going to lie right now, I'm a bit choked up from the amount of support and genuine outpouring of appreciation. The comments all of you have been leaving me has made me smile and I can't stop. I'm just one person who wants to make things better for some. I am absolutely floored and thankful to be part of a community this great.
13:25 EDT 500 requests! This is awesome! I'm going to keep working on the Etsy store a bit longer before I nap! Keep them coming!
15:15 EDT Store is up, though nothing is for sale just yet. I'm going to go nap since 4 hours is not exactly the best. I will answer any messages once I get up!
18:30 EDT I'm back up, answering questions and more work on the Etsy store!
19:47 EDT 600 requests! I'm so excited!
23:39 EDT I'm going to keep an eye on requests, it's has drastically slowed down but I will absolutely keep the form open for now. We'll see how tomorrow goes, and Monday as well. I'll keep everyone updated. Also, the comments you guys are leaving? I love them. Thank you.
7/24 07:49 EDT 700 requests! Yaaaaaaay! Kermit arm flail
14:16 EDT Requests are at a crawl but I know it's Sunday. I'm going to watch the numbers today and tomorrow, then make my decision on how the future timeline is going to proceed.
21:44 EDT I just want to thank everyone who has donated so far. It will definitely help out once the buttons are ordered. I can only thank you more for doing so.
7/25 01:28 EDT Not many requests came in on Sunday so depending on how today (Monday) goes, I'll be wrapping up requests. I don't want to make everyone wait in hopes that a few dozen more sign up. I'll keep everyone posted!
13:40 EDT I have updated all the information at this time. The form will be closed by 23:59 EDT TONIGHT July 25, 2016. I'm not trying to cut anyone off but currently, there are 932 requests. If I want to get the buttons out at a reasonable timeframe, I'll have to start A LOT sooner than I planned. There will be more giveaways in the future.
Mods, you amazing people, thank you for the sticky! If the mods are feeling a bit benevolent, maybe a sticky so that everyone can find this thread easier, please?
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What is DATAVEILLANCE? What does DATAVEILLANCE mean? DATAVEILLANCE meaning & explanation YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies - How YouTube Works Global explosive violence sharply declines during COVID-19 ... The Truth About GUN VIOLENCE by the Numbers - YouTube Datafication, dataism and dataveillance by prof. José van Dijck Lack Of Data Around Gender Based Violence Against Women In ... Statistics of Violence as Special Case of Fat Tails - YouTube Dataveillance and Everyday Consciousness in the 'Smart' City - Gregory Donovan

Dataveillance Definition of Dataveillance at

  1. What is DATAVEILLANCE? What does DATAVEILLANCE mean? DATAVEILLANCE meaning & explanation
  2. YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies - How YouTube Works
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Gregory Donovan who will present - Dataveillance and Everyday Consciousness in the 'Smart' City - at the OpenITP Techno-Activism Third Monday's at NewAmerica Foundation NYC on May 19 2014 ... It's a fact that more women than ever before are involved in frontline politics. There is data to support this statement. However, it's also true that the fe... Personal data can include information such as birth date, address, social security (or social insurance) number, as well as other unique identifiers. Mass Dataveillance: Refers to the collection ... The era of blind faith in big data must end Cathy O'Neil - Duration: 13:19. TED 129,302 views. 13:19. Old Pots - Venerable Fulton Sheen - Duration: 29:09. CatholicClips Recommended for you. Gun Violence By The Numbers For years we have heard that 30-40K people die each year due to gun-related violence. This stat has become ... Overview. Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure our community stays protected. They set out what’s allowed and not allowed on YouTube, and apply to all types of content on our platform ... A lunch discussion at MIT with computer science-data science researchers from MIT and NECSI. The talk is mostly about the methodology for dealing with fat ta... Only targeted interception of traffic and location data in order to combat serious crime, including terrorism, is justified, according to a decision by the European Court of Justice. Data gathered by Action on Armed Violence suggests there was a 58% decrease globally in civilian victims from explosive violence between April and July 2020,...